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Simple Choice PPE eliminates COVID-19 testing barriers in Chattanooga

Chris Ramsey and LaQuentin Jenkins, founders of Simple Choice PPE Solutions, represent underserved communities in the Chattanooga area who were hit hardest by the pandemic. As chair of the Health Disparity Task Force, Ramsey knows the importance of education when it comes to health. That’s why he works to eliminate barriers that prevent minorities from receiving easy access to COVID-19 testing.

Here, Ramsey talks about the inspiration behind his business, why he’s passionate about community service and how he sees Simple Choice PPE Solutions evolving.

TREND: What’s the mission behind Simple Choice PPE?

Ramsey: Simple Choice PPE was established as a result of an insurance agency that my business partners and I own, Simple Choice Insurance Brokerage, and also the Chris Ramsey Agency, located here in Chattanooga. At the time, my business partner, LaQuentin Jenkins, and I were trying to secure personal protective equipment (PPE), for our Medicare-aged clients.

To solve the problem, LaQuentin leveraged his relationships and experience to establish an exclusive relationship with a Georgia-based importer that was able to supply us with PPE items. Simple Choice PPE was created once we realized we could help other people solve their PPE problems, too. Since launching in April, we’ve secured clients from Chattanooga, Atlanta and Houston.

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