COVID-19 Updates

Cempa creates new health center to bring permanent help to the LatinX community

The new health center has a tentative date of opening in November.

Alleo Health and La Paz Chattanooga are working with local organization Cempa to help underserved communities across Chattanooga.

“During a lot of our events we handed out food boxes [and] other items, [like] masks, other PPE [equipment],” said Cempa CEO Shannon Stephenson. “We offered a testing event in North Georgia, we offered a testing event in Bradley Co. and Ray Co. We wanted to make sure we expanded access to everywhere we possibly could.”

Stephenson said Cempa is ready to offer more resources that are more permanent for the LatinX community.

“Housing, utility assistance, childcare, healthcare, digital access, COVID-19 education and prevention,” said Stephenson.

These resources will all be available at a new health center on Rossville Boulevard. It’s an area that Stephenson thinks will have a greater impact in the long run.

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