Featured: HealthScope Magazine

Cempa’s Chief Medical Officer, Dr. Jay Sizemore, was recently featured in HealthScope Magazine!

As Chief Medical Officer at Cempa Community Care, Dr. Jay Sizemore is pursuing his lifelong passion of infection management and prevention. Since 2014, he’s made it a priority to treat patients co-infected with hepatitis C and HIV, and due to his efforts, 96% of HIV-positive patients who receive medical care at Cempa have been cured of hepatitis C. According to Dr. Sizemore, who’s been practicing for over 21 years, “I’ve had many incredible professional moments throughout my career, from treating a new mother with a life-threatening heart infection to restoring the immune system of a patient with advanced HIV. The ‘thank you’ I receive from my patients makes it all worth it.” . . . Click here to read more!

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