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When it comes to fitness and health there are so many options and opinions out there. From DVDs to books, low carb to vegan, gyms or trainers, and on and on… With so many opportunities and choices out there it can sometimes seem overwhelming just trying to find a starting point. So, I took some time to narrow down some easy starter steps to jumpstarting your fitness.

Start Simple: We all want to look our best and a well-balanced workout routine will help shed excess body fat and build lean muscle. A lot of people think they have to start on day one throwing around the heaviest weights and running for hours on end. But, it is important to build up your workout program. Keeping it simple and maintaining slow progression will help you create a maintainable program. Start by adding in a brisk walk for 30 minutes a day, then slowly start adding additional time to your walk, and even start to pick up the pace. I also love a step counter to track progress. Then after two weeks of walking everyday start to add in some bodyweight exercises, like pushups and situps, three days a week.

One Thing at a Time: Dieting usually starts with an all or nothing mentality and this is what makes dieting seem like such a daunting task. Many times people who diet go at it with the all or nothing mentality. Sure they lose weight during the process, but the moment the diet is “over” they traditionally put the weight back on and sometimes even more. First, let’s get rid of the word dieting. Dieting implies a start and finish, with an outcome. We want to create lasting changes that will have a long term effects on our health and overall look to our bodies. To do that it’s all about the slow and steady. Pick one thing, just one, that you think is a bad habit in your eating habits and eliminate that one thing. If you drink a soda every day, start by cutting that out. This one small change can cut your calorie intake by over 4,200 calories a month, that’s more than one pound of fat a month. Once you have mastered the elimination of the first bad habit take on a second challenge like finishing 64 oz of water everyday or switching out a high fat food for a fresh fruit or vegetable each day.

Have Fun: Working out should be enjoyable. There are so many fitness options out there so take your time to find what you like to do. If walking or running isn’t your thing try and elliptical machine or a stationary bike. If weights aren’t your thing sign up for a beginner yoga class. And, if it is hard for you to stay on track find a trainer or a coach to help you progress into finding what works best for you.

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About Kyle:
Kyle House is a certified personal trainer, yoga teacher, online coach, and group fitness instructor. Kyle has 10 years of experience in the fitness industry helping people reach their fitness goals. Kyle is also a lululemon ambassador and is on the forefront of fitness in the Chattanooga community. You can catch him at his studio in the Chattanooga Workspace for a personal training session or take a yoga class at local studios and venues such as: Hot Yoga Plus, Hot Spot Yoga Studio, Chattanooga Jiu Jitsu Academy, and the Chattanooga Brewing Company.

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